The Light That Dispels Darkness

Our darkness is our absorption in being vacant or occupied.
We are rarely just there, senses wide open, making no judgements.

Merely look into that which perceives this absorption.

The moment when consciousness recognises this state is the light that dispels darkness.
We are free from distractions and able to rest in our original reality.

This is the purpose of life; to re-cognise and remember.
It’s that simple.

When this is constant, enlightenment occurs.
It is that simple.

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  1. Marcel says:

    Hi Tony, Kathie! Thanks for the ongoing daily reminders on your living book! Indeed, it is so mindblowing simple, that words fall short to describe it.. It is so simple, so obvious, that it doens’t make sense saying: Did you get the point? You cannot get something that you already have.. or like you use to say here on your blog: You are what you are looking for! It is the same like asking: are you breathing right here, right now. Off course I am, you stupid! Re-cognise and remember.., that’s a nice one as well. Keep up the good work and sending you some kudo’s from the other end of the universe.. The world may crumble but these pillars will not fall.. Maybe you can eloborate a bit on the meaning of indestructability and Mahamudra in one of your posts. There might be some interesting stuff there.. Kind regards, Marcel

  2. Marcel says:

    or was it related to Vajrayana.., to the symbol of an indestructible diamond? Whatever.. The basic premise, reality as a matter of fact, remains the same: We are made of primordal buddhanature, whether we like it or not. And, it is actually, the only thing that exists. Without it the world would be a pile of dust..

    • tony says:

      Mahamudra has the same outcome as Dzogchen, Zen, Dao, Adviata …
      The difference between Mahamudra and Dzogchen, is that Mahamudra starts at the beginning of the book of transcendental wisdom and compassion, while Dzogchen starts at the end.

      To put is simply. The mantra om mani peme hum represents the six perfections: generosity, patience, morality, discipline, concentration and transcendent wisdom. Mahamudra goes through these perfections to create a decent human being, to arrive at transcendent wisdom which is – pure consciousness.

      Dzogchen starts at the end of the book at transcendent wisdom – pure consciousness – received through the pointing out instruction, and uses the other five perfection to support this in daily life.

      Much depends on our temperament and what karma brings us. I lump them together and call them the Great Undoing. 😀

      Vajrayana is guru yoga, where we relate to an aspect enlightenment through a symbolised deity. This is for people who feel an affinity with a certain deity, and includes 111.111 full prostrations, plus 111.111 of 3 other practices = 444.444 in all. Some do more. I’ve done them – it’s time consuming!


  3. Anonymous says:

    With regard to the indestructibility, as pure consciousness is not a construct, it cannot be destroyed. Its realisation can, however, cut through all obscuring concepts. Tony

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