Short Moments

Meditation and daily activities should both be paused from time to time, to just be. In this way, we remember that we are pure consciousness, and never get lost in the activity. This is balancing meditation and life – being not too tight and not too loose.

In meditation – which is mindfulness meditation – we drop the meditation (the method) from time to time to arrive at our reality of pure consciousness. We usually find that when we stop meditating, meditation is taking place.

Meditation is the reminder; it is not the end product.

When we drift off, we meditate again, returning to the method,
and then drop it again to counter any fixation on the meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is the rowing-boat to get to the shore-of-realisation; once we arrive at the shore, we do not need the boat or we will merely be digging the oars into the sand-of-effort. If we drift off, we will find we are back in the ocean-of-turbulence 😀

In daily activities, we can do the same. We need to be mindful in our activities so that we don’t have accidents, but it’s beneficial to drop the activity from time to time, and enjoy just being. Gradually, we become more mindful of whatever we are doing.

The gap between mindfulness and effortless reality becomes shorter and shorter.

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