We Are Primordial Purity

To most, this sounds daft.
That’s because of the world we live in!

When we realise we are pure consciousness – the potential of enlightenment – our world changes. We no longer fit into the common consensus of tit-for-tat, entertaining ourselves and fighting others.

Pure consciousness is embodied in a human form, imprisoned in a virtual, almost-reality. Why is this? Our idiosyncratic tendencies have brought us to where we are now; what we do and say, and the words we choose are the result of the accumulation of karma.

Merely having a glimpse of our reality, we realise the predicament we are in. That’s the reason why we may we feel confused or angry at the antics people get up to … and we just joined in. Partial information messes with our minds, perpetuating confusion rather than explaining the complete picture.

A good heart, easy path.
A troubled heart, hard path.

There is no telling which is the fast path!

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