Long Term Or Short Term Values

Is our personal evolution a long term or short term aim? Life is short, so some conclusion or realisation must be resolved about the value of life, sooner rather than later.
Conclusion: decision reached by reasoning

Realising our true reality – something we have sought all our life – is both shocking and a relief. It’s also shocking to recognise that this reality of pure consciousness has been present all our life.

Why didn’t we realise this before? We were lead astray by interpretations and stupidity.
That’s why the world is so misguided. In realising cause and effect, life becomes fruitful, but not necessarily comfortable 😀

No credentials necessary; just realise that we have been suffering for no reason.

Conclusion: decision reached by reasoning – rather then by adopting elaborate hearsay.

If there are further incarnations … wow … If not … wow 🙂

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