Futile Diligence

Futile diligence is addiction. Life seems purposeless, so we make a purpose. When we obsess about a subject or activity, we lose sight of our actual reality, and focus on something or someone else, making our life and the lives of those around us complicated. Blame is easier than having an overview. Lacking time and space to contemplate and just be aware, we lose the sense of beautiful simplicity.

Over-involvement fills up precious time, to the extent that our participation is merely entertainment.
This frame of being obscures our true reality in favour of the illusory activities of others which we have now adopted.

Spiritually speaking,
there are religious types who cling to the magic of words,
scholars who expound on the words, creating more words,
and those who are totally confused
– who cannot adopt anything and are therefore ‘just there’ đŸ˜€

The genuine experience of nowness, awareness, consciousness
is actually meditation taking place endlessly.

There is always a sense of not knowing:
that is knowingness, awareness, consciousness,
present before identification.

If we allow fear to enter,
the door remains closed.

Knock and the door opens.

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