It’s A Very Stupid World!

It’s a very stupid but spiritually-enhancing world.

We live in a world, creeping to ever-new heights of stupidity. How is this achieved?

By making people dependent and therefore stupid, and then demanding restrictions and limitations because they are stupid. The stupid thing is that the influencers who create the ‘influencers’ who create stupid people think that they aren’t stupid.

This is truly the blind leading the blind.

Spending a precious life slowly, slowly capturing minds through hysteria, and creating mass programming is stupidity at its highest level. When we allow entertainment to distract consciousness – our reality – this is stupidity itself. We actually become experts and take pride in stupidity.

The stupid thing is believing that consciousness can ultimately be captured.
It can only be temporarily distracted.
This is why we go round in circles.

Those in the upper echelons of power are only concerned with the material world of wealth and power. By dripping money into fashion, music, sports, religion, films, the internet, gaming – the opium of the people – we are controlled into thinking – stupidly – that this is all real.

The prisoners and the prison guards both breathe the same atmosphere. It is our minds which control us, and whatever is in the mind is stupidly adopted and cherished. This is why we work so hard at being distracted.

How do we stop being stupid?
Know the difference between belief in what we are told
and intuitive knowingness
– instinct, sixth sense, divination, clairvoyance.
Without second sight, we are intuitively blind.

This is fearless lateral reasoning beyond vertical common reasoning.

Pure consciousness cannot be captured –
it can only be temporarily distracted.

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