Who Has Wisdom?

We endow others with the wisdom that we think we do not have. If we recognise wisdom, that means we already know, but doubt that we are this wisdom. Recognising wisdom is rekindling, relighting, reawakening what we have always been. True spiritual teaching is solely concerned with what we are.

We ignore this because we are taught something that takes us off-target at an early age; it’s a simple confidence trick to make us doubt. As we learn to lack confidence, we grasp whatever is projected our way, which divides us.

Wisdom is simply seeing the tricks, and not over-reacting. Why would anyone play tricks on us?

Once we are free, we are really free of collective hysteria and aggression. When confidence grows, we no longer have conflict with others because we know the story behind the action.

What is this story?
The injection of hope and fear.

What is the effect of wisdom?
Relief from hope and fear.

Anything more?
We connect with the wisdom from the past that strengthens confidence.

What is the essence of this wisdom?
That we are pure consciousness.

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