The Great Manipulation

We suffer because of manipulation. Manipulation means changing or inventing, or inventing to bring about change. The great manipulation is the belief that our acquired thoughts are us, and it’s not easy getting out of this collective cycle of delusion. In fact, most think it’s normal. 🙂

We may think that ‘spirituality’ is about change or manipulation, but we have already been manipulated into thinking that we are our thinking. Spirituality should be about getting back to true ‘normal’. 😀

Personally, I’m not keen on terms such as spirituality, meditation, pure consciousness, but we have to use the words that are available.

That which purely sees – without thinking – is our reality. Anything that expresses this is a manipulation, a generalisation that can be (and is) elaborated upon. That is where confusion starts – with belief.

We have to recognise what is beneficial and leads to clarity, and what leads to more confusion and suffering.

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