Why Do We Perceive Things So Differently?

We choose to select different aspects of a message based on what interests us or has influenced us, and what we consider to be important. This background is the basis of our understanding anything – in other words, it’s karma.

How we perceive comes down to levels of understanding; in Sanskrit, levels are called ‘Yanas’, which means vehicle. It is so easy to talk at cross-purposes and misunderstand each other, because we’re actually speaking about different subjects without realising it.

Talk about absolute reality can be misunderstood by relating to relative reality.

Absolute reality is pure experience, while resting in pure perception now.
Relative reality is how we relate to everything – our reactions now.

Even when we may agree, there will be subtle differences in approach. This, in truth, is our actual uniqueness. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus … all enlightened ones realised pure consciousness, but each expressed this to suit the situation.

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