Your Mind Is Lying To You

All that is in our mind is memories of information; this is not actual reality. The mind is a filter that we impose on every moment. This information that we have gathered is our karmic characteristic, and wanting recognition for being able to remember selected information is only pride. The truth is in the living situation now. One size does not fit all!

We may read that, if we have a leaky tap, we need to change the cartridge. Having pride in our information, we then tell others that that’s what they need to do. But when it comes to buying a new cartridge, it turns out that there are umpteen sizes, so we have to take the old cartridge out and actually measure all the parts. And voila, no drip! But this doesn’t mean the dripping tap upstairs can have the same cartridge.

The mind has the general idea, but not actual knowledge.
True knowledge starts from not ‘knowing’ and, at that point,
knowingness is present because there is questioning.

Knowingness is what consciousness is,
and through meditation,
consciousness is realised as what we are.

Through deeper meditation, we drop the meditation,
and consciousness is realised as emptiness.

We now have no fear of drips.

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