Filling Our Mind With Elaborations

Elaborations confuse us, but entertainment us. This is the tender trap that humanity has been in for thousands of years. It’s an entertaining old story, regurgitated.

Meditation rids consciousness of clinging to entertainment. Unless we practise, we will only talk entertainment.

When we fill our mind – courtesy of all media – we become wilful by being attached to concepts,
developing a determined intention to do as we want, regardless of the consequences.

Consciousness is naturally empty, and thus clear to see straight. If distractions are placed in its path, these can either inhibit realisation, or advance realisation.
When distractions become attractive, we lose all sense of direction.
When distractions are recognised for what they are, realisation receives a boost.

This is the unity of opposites – non-duality.
Life is the teaching; the light that dispel darkness.
When elaborations no longer entertain, they become meaningful.

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