When Humans Cannot Understand Reality,
They Make It Up

‘Making it up’ is what humans do when they don’t see clearly, as in mistaking a rope lying in a dark corner for a snake.

Long ago, from the area known as Persia, the path of non-duality = not two = pure consciousness was known to have made its way to northern India. It was called the Vedas: we are the truth that we seek – pure consciousness.

At the same time (more or less), a concept was conceived that turned non-duality into a duality, and so a belief in an external God was born. Whether this was deliberate, or created for those who could not understand non-duality isn’t clear, but its promotion lives with us today, and has caused much conflict and separation with its claim that, “The truth we seek is out there for us to unite with”.

Non-duality is unity.
Duality is separation.
It’s a subtle change.

The understanding of non-duality is for the esoteric, who realise it.
Duality is for the exoteric, who do not understand non-duality.

It all depends on our ability to comprehend.
We cannot adopt pure consciousness as it’s what we are.
This cannot be proved wrong.

Truth isn’t about converting or adopting; it’s about seeing for yourself. It certainly isn’t about believing in a name. Devotion or appreciation is to the truth that we can see, and never to a person.

What someone taught and what others say about what that someone taught may not be the same thing. Translators are not the origin.

There are two sides to religion – essence and form. Don’t just look good – show that you care. Belief is for those who are lazy, and just like a good story, full of mystery.

Knowing is the science of actual seeing which reveals that all observation comes from pure consciousness.

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