First of all, I would like to say how much I truly appreciate all contributions – they are genuinely inspiring, and often leads in an interesting direction. 

Yesterday, Rob (Crested Duck) mentioned that he thought we were energy and light within emotions, and he called this E-motions, as in Energy in emotions. This sounded so right and I thought I’d like to try and clarify it a little from the Buddhist point of view.

Before I start, I’d like to quote from a prayer to Manjushri (a Tibetan deity embodying wisdom) that I say every morning:

Lovingly, your supreme knowledge’s light rays fully dispel the dark ignorance of my mind.” Knowledge light rays, is seen as luminosity or clarity or clear light.

As you can see, this mentions light in the darkness: that is the Buddha in the mud. Another way to say “light and energy” would be clarity/emptiness and awareness. These are 2 of the 3 kayas – Dharmakaya and Sambogakaya (the third is *Nirmanakaya which is compassion). Our very nature comprises the 3 kayas…it is what we are, and we could say kayas-emotions. We are Empty essence, Cognisant nature and unconfined Compassion.

So Rob is correct in his analysis, from the Buddhist point of view. Our problem is that we don’t recognise the energy-light and relate everything to a mental image of a self, and therefore compassion and empathy are not present.

This brings us to a very subtle aspect: a genuine “feeling” being obscured by words (even beautiful ones). The Dharma (the teaching of the Buddha) is a vehicle to understand pure experience: it is not the experience itself. Sometimes, we can get so tied up in the meaning of the words, and the precise visualisations that can accompany them, that the actual experience of longing seems to be covered over. That pure experience is the Buddha in the mud.

What we are is beyond words. Of course, this is obvious…it seems one continuously uncovers more understanding of this. Or maybe another veil drops now and again, and we see and experience it more clearly than before.

* Nirmanakaya is the manifestation of the other two kayas, as in teacher: the outer teacher shows us our inner teacher.

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1 Response to E-MOTIONS

  1. tony says:

    What is important to remember is that a complete system is necessary, so that anyone to enter at any point, and any stage, and it still makes sense. Plus we something need to fall back onto a system when things aren’t going so well!

    Having a complete system available, is being generous to everyone.


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