It’s not your fault!

It’s not your fault, as nothing ever happened!

Whatever happens to you now is not your fault: it is a product from the past. However, the past doesn’t exist, the future doesn’t exist, and the present cannot be found, and so nothing ever happens. Things only appear to happen in the dream-like play of the body/mind experience.

Dream-like karma plays itself out in a dream-like world, and we did nothing…we never did! This dream-like body/mind merely experiences by consent, through a belief that it is all real.

A dream-like reality

Appears to dream-like beings

To show them the dream-like way

To recognise dream-like reality. 

So how do we make this practical? How do we merge Dharma with the daily life we are experiencing? 

Because of our belief in how we exist, imprints were created in the mind, which, in itself, cannot be found. Show me this mind! To be practical, we have to work within this dream-like experience; to wake up from this dreamlike state…tricky!

Teachings can only take us so far, and then we in free fall. However, we can only be in free fall if we are clear what it is we are letting go of…tricky!

So, back to being practical. If we try to change this dream-like state, we merely continue to dream, because all reactions are a holding on. Through analysis, reflection and recognition, we realise that there is nothing to do but recognise. In recognising, our grip loosens. That’s it. When we feel a tightening, re-recognise and the grip loosens again. Take three times a day with every meal…and with everything that occurs!…and the dream dissolves.

When we wake from a dream, the experience dissolves, as it never actually happened!

In beliefs, we tighten.

In recognition, we loosen.

In beliefs, we harden.

In recognition, we soften.

In beliefs, we are limited.

In recognition, we are limitless.

In beliefs, everything happens.

In recognition, nothing happens.


In beliefs, we sleep.

In recognition, we awaken.

In conduct, we love.








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