As with all the emotions, ignorance has two aspects: the neurotic aspect of indifference, and the wisdom aspect of All-Encompassing Space. Ignorance arises when empty awareness forgets its true nature, and that of others. It therefore lacks compassion.

Another way to look at this is by using the word “thoughtlessness”. This can mean non-thought, or it can mean carelessness. One is empty, and the other doesn’t care. So, All-Encompassing Space can appear as spacious – or spaced out

This is how ignorance works with the other two poisons of desire and aversion, and their correlated aspects of the three wisdoms, Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya

Nirmanakaya: compassionate energy correlates with ignorance. This is due to a lack of awareness of the indivisibility of the other two kayas.

Sambhogakaya: awareness correlates with aversion.

Dharmakaya: emptiness correlates with desire.

Our being’s essence is emptiness – pure sacred space. Desire arises, with concepts filling this sacred space.

Our being’s nature is awareness – a knowing quality. Aversion arises when awareness creates an “I” through forgetting its essence, and we start judging.

Our being’s expression is unconfined compassionate energy – joy of being. Ignorance arises when empty awareness forgets its own true nature and essence – emptiness and awareness – and that of others.

In practical terms, when we experience ignorance/indifference/not caring/lack of compassion, this means there is a knowing quality present – meaning that we are aware of what is going on. That awareness, that pure awareness, is essence. At that moment, confusion dawns as wisdom!

When we understand the simple

we can understand everything.

Empty space encompasses all that exists.


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