There is something wrong in the world.

 We are being deceived.
Once we recognise that our perception is deceiving us,
we then realise that everyone else’s perception is deceiving them.

 Once pure perception recognises this deception,
perception is no longer deceived.

 There are powers in this world that are deceiving us.
Look closely and you won’t see it.
Stand back and you will.

 When perception is distracted,
deception can take place.

This is from a Buddhist point of view.
Ordinary perception is our sixth consciousness. The first five are the senses. The seventh consciousness is judgment. The eighth consciousness is our karmic storehouse (our habitual reference library). These eight consciousnesses constitute relative truth…these are observable.

The ninth consciousness is essence, pure awareness, absolute truth…this cannot be observed, as it is that which is observing.

 Ordinary perception is easily distracted as it habitually refers to the seventh and eighth consciousnesses to relate to the world… relative truth. An object is experienced through the senses to perception. Unnoticed this information goes immediately to the eighth consciousness for reference, then down to the seventh for judgement. And, that is where we get caught in a habitual pattern. (The evil magicians know this.)

 When essence is recognised,
ordinary perception
becomes pure perception
absolute truth
becomes absolute reality.

..and you are free.

 How does one recognise essence?


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