Letting go..?

We use this phrase quite a lot, but in Dzogchen there is no ‘letting go’ of thoughts. In recognition, thoughts naturally dissolve. We don’t have to do anything. When rigpa is present, grasping isn’t. When grasping is present, rigpa isn’t.

I sometimes worry that I need to be doing more when just sitting. I find myself constantly returning to the awareness of awareness and wondering what to do with it – and there is the trap 😉 There is nothing to do. There is nothing to let go of. There is merely spacious awareness.

The cat knows. Be cat-like.

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2 Responses to LETTING GO…?

  1. crestedduck says:

    Letting go…how ironic and coincidental it really is at this moment. God has always given/brought into my life another loving animal soul every time he has to take one away from me. This new cat represents more than I can put into words, as it is time, and I have to take my HoneyGirl to be put down today. She has been my shadow and my ptsd therapy dog for over 10 years. She has open sores that will not heal from exposure to RoundUp/Glyphosate just like mine, and she can hardly get up the stairs anymore and she is full of tumors like me. I know she is starting to have heart failure as she is swelling up with fluid and her breathing is getting laborous, but I just can not get myself to shoot her and put her out of misery, so I am waiting for vet to open to have her inject her and put down for me. This is first time ever I have not been able to do it myself even though I know it has to be done..I am just too attached and love her too much to do it myself. Which is funny because I am the person who usually gets a phonecall from people when they need to have their pets put down, and take to vet for them, I have watched the GodSpark leave their eyes as I comforted them too many times to remember them all over 50 yrs. My back is too far gone to dig a grave so I told my boy he has to man up and dig it for me, she will be put by the pond with the others that gave unconditional love always.

    • tony says:

      I’m so sorry for your heartache Rob. Let’s wish her well on her journey. May she be guided to a fortunate incarnation.

      Your friend Tony

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