Positive Feelings

The depth of our experience depends on honesty, and that can be very challenging. Sometimes, texts are written in a beautifully poetical ways and so we have beautiful, positive feelings, or the teacher has beautiful charisma, and we melt into that. But the essence of the teachings could actually be going straight over our head. We need time to assimilate the teachings; to test them out under all circumstances.

“But I like my positive feelings!”
Sorry. In naked awareness, everything goes.

It may sound as if we are being told to be insensitive, but even these nice feelings are still superficial, and can cloud the clarity of compassion. The good news is that when everything has gone in naked awareness, genuine compassion without expectations arises. We feel, but nothing sticks. Traditionally, this is illustrated as a naked person having clothes thrown at them: they feel the garments touching them, but they fall off.

The bonus is
that we feel right
in all circumstances.

Feelings are like a cheap meal
that fills you up.

Naked awareness
is nourishment that satisfies.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Like comparing GMO food to Organic….GMO is short lived satisfaction and hungry 10 minutes later as opposed to the Organic real food keeps the body functioning like it should !

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