How To Become A Good Alien

Alien: ‘belonging to another’, from alius ‘other’.
Other: refers to a person or thing that is different or distinct from one already mentioned or known about.

We are not talking about being ‘alienated’ or ‘isolated’: these states would result from unskillful actions. We’re talking about not belonging to a fixated type. This ‘type’ is the development of a social I, an acquired fantasy.

We, as sentient beings, misunderstand our true qualities of empty essence, cognisant nature and unconfined compassion. Because of a veil of obscurations, we constantly take rebirth, lifetime after lifetime, and are born with a certain propensity, a pre-programme, a temperament. This is a residue of karma, which is the result of previous actions. We don’t have to believe in re-incarnation, as we can see this process developing in this life time, through cause and effect = karma. We get stuck in it!

Back to this social I:

This is an identification with the reflection we receive from others about ourselves. Some acquire a big personality, while others may have low self esteem: both are social Is.

Through meditation, we can be released from this not-so-merry-go-round – although, if we’re not careful, this in turn can create an exaggerated social I which alienates others. Once we experience and realise true meditation, we start to see how everything works and is maintained, and how people become a type, a caricature, a stereotype, even to the point of turning into a jobsworth.

Jobsworth: an official who upholds petty rules even at the expense of humanity or common sense.
Stereotype: a person or thing that conforms to a widely held but oversimplified image of the class or type to which they belong.

So, when we drop out of the ‘race’, we become aliens. The trick is to become friendly aliens, wise aliens, helpful aliens. Not the type of alien that lands near the susceptible – those of us easily influenced by feelings or emotions – and makes OM, BEEP BEEP noises in front of us, and off we trot, following this alien Pied Piper.

Pied Piper: a person who entices people to follow them in a particular course of action.

Bad aliens are those who put themselves outside society to control it for their own purposes; they excel at conjuring up BEEP BEEP noises.

Of course, a good alien does belong, and that belonging is to the ancient order of wisdom. Compassionate beings – known as Bodhisattvas – belong among us to help us realise our perfect qualities: empty essence, cognisant nature and unconditional love.

Alien aren’t easy to spot,
until you become one.
🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Existing on earth as a alien is tough to deal with sometimes when 99% of society has ignorantly alienated me on purpose for being different . The ignorant foolishly destroy what they fear and do not understand !
    Amish proverb: “Instead of putting others in their place, put yourself in their place.”

  2. tony says:


    Whoa–the games people play now.
    Every night and every day now.
    Never meanin’ what they say now.
    Never sayin’ what they mean.

    While they wile away the hours
    in their ivory towers,
    ’till they’re covered-up with flowers
    in the back of a black limousine.

    La, da, da da, da-da da;
    La, da, da da, da-da de…
    talkin’ ’bout you-n-me
    and the games people play–now.

    Whoa we make one another cry,
    break a heart then we say goodbye;
    cross our hearts and we hope to die
    that the other was to blame.

    But neither one will ever give-in,
    so we gaze at an eight-by-ten
    thinkin’ ’bout the things that might have been
    and it’s a dirty rotten shame.


    People walkin’-up to ya,
    singin’ glory hallelujah
    ‘n’ they’re tryin’ ta sock it to ya,
    in the name of the Lord.

    They’re gonna teach you how to meditate,
    read your horoscope, cheat your fate.
    And furthermore to Hell with hate
    Come-on and get-on board.


    Look-around tell me what you see.
    What’s a-happenin’ to you and me?
    God grant me the serenity
    to jus’ remember who I am.

    ’cause you’ve given-up your sanity
    for your pride and your vanity,
    turn your back on humanity;
    Oh and you don’t give a da da da da da.

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