Shunyata is Sanskrit for ’emptiness’. Pure presence. This is our natural state. The object of being human is to realise this natural state of being, and in order to do this, we need to meditate – and understand meditation.

Prolonged periods of meditation are required in order to experience and realise the ancient teachings. Of course, our modern life isn’t conducive to such activity because of karmically-driven decisions we have made in the past, but we can gradually change our lifestyle to facilitate the time and space needed for mind training, for meditation. Resting in pure presence, which is pure consciousness, the first thing we notice is the mind wandering off: the training is to bring it back.

Study and reflection are important, but true understanding only comes from meditation practice. Only then can we can see for ourselves.

We may feel we’ve made some bad decisions in life: the intensity of that feeling is a deep awareness that something’s not quite right and it may only take a single instant for the light to be switched on. Something very simple, pure and genuine can change our life: there are many accounts of people being ‘surprised by joy’.

We are shunyata. Throughout the day, we can find moments of just returning to pure presence. When this shunyata of pure presence is recognised and realised, it will be reflected in our daily activities. And so, we never forget what we are about.

As hatred is infectious,
so is the atmosphere of warmth of pure presence.

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2 Responses to SHUNYATA

  1. marcel says:

    shunyata, and the mysterious silence of emptiness..

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