Short Moments, Many Times

Thanks to Marcel for reminding us yesterday of Tulku Urgyen’s words:

The training in recognising mind essence is this: short moments repeated many times. There is no other way. A short duration guarantees it is actually the authentic mind essence, by itself. Repeating this recognition many times ensures that we will get used to it.”

‘Short moments, many times’ means a short, sharp shock to our system, to bring us back into the moment now, cutting through our dream state. This is especially important while engaged in spiritual practices, to keep us from either drifting off in thoughts or performing prayers, chants, meditation etcetera mechanically, just going through a routine, and hoping that it will work. It’s easily done.

If we do not remember that our practice is meant to result in resting in pure awareness, then we just fall into wishful thinking – and actually, it’s a pretence.
Practice: the actual application of a method, as opposed to theories relating to it.

Short moments many times is like a self-sharpening knife … always keen!
Keen: the mental faculty of being quick to understand. Old English ‘cene’ – wise, clever, brave, daring, bold.
Fearless in the moment now.

This moment now is preparation for the next moment now.
This life now is preparation for the next life now.
Short moments many times is simply relaxing many times – now.

How long is a moment?
That’s up to you!

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  1. marcel says:

    Hello Tony,

    Lot’s of neurons firing off recently 🙂 Tulku Urgyen’s message is simple and practical at the same time. The video is truly a great document and it’s all in there, as far as I can see it. It cannot get transmitted much simpler than that. In fact, it’s pretty close to what you have been saying all along in this blog. Teaching cut out of the same Dzogchen wood.

    Seeing raw reality without the filters, concepts, chatter of the mind can easily get overwhelming. Resting in empty cognizance or in pure consciousness is not so easy, as we see, feel, hear so much more. It’s like looking at the sun or standing on live wire for a longer period of time. At one moment the situation becomes unbearable and we need to step away. And so we fall back into our regular habits and apply the filters of the mind back on again, as a kind of self preservation.

    The subtle difference however, is in the recognizing that we have got carried away and in the knowing that the mind can be brought back to its unaltered original state. This state of mind can be achieved, at any moment, as Tulku points it out at 2:10 in the video. “In one moment like this, is the unmistaken Buddha mind.” … well, for a couple of moments, and then when we let ourselves getting carried away again … 🙂

    • tony says:

      Hello Marce,
      Like standing on a live wire! When we are alive and everything is brighter and we become more sensitive. This is why we constantly drop everything so as not to become over loaded.

      The more we notice we are getting carried away, means the more we are noticing.

      This is the unity of the two truths.


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