Levels Of Understanding And Realisation

All understanding may be refined, turning realisation into … pure experience.

We find the view, to lose (cease to retain) the view.
We meditate, to drop the meditation.
Our conduct, although mindful, ceases in unconditional love.

The following is from a poem by Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche:

“The Spontaneous Vajra Manifestation of Awareness and Emptiness”

… “Being covered up by words of speculation is the path of confusion.
Whatever is expressed is but a web of concepts.
May the profound instruction to be individually cognised,
which does not result from statements, be practised within our hearts!*

In its way of being, the non-conceptual essence of dharmata
is only obscured by concepts, or spoiled by having a view and meditation.
Looking into the ordinary essence, while being free from a view and meditation,
may we spontaneously rest in the genuine nature!

Whatever one is focused on is poison for the view.
Whatever is embraced by effort is a fault of meditation.
Whatever is adopted or abandoned is a defect of action.
May we perceive the nature, free from all shortcomings!” …



* if this verse is confusing, you may find this clearer:
May the profound instruction – which does not result from statements –
be individually cognised, and practised within our hearts!”

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