How Precisely Do We Cut Through Emotions?

Being ‘precise’ is marked by exactness and accuracy of expression, careful in every detail. It literally means ‘cut short’ (from Old French prescis, from Latin praecis – ‘cut short’).

If we continue in a vague and imprecise way, clarity will never be achieved, and this will delay realisation. For that reason, ‘cutting short’ is the ‘short cut’!

We are generally so vague about our emotions that we may even assume that we don’t have any. If we like or dislike something or someone, we can be pretty certain that pride, jealousy, fear, desire and hatred are present. “But I don’t hate!” Hatred is an intense feeling of dislike, for which we seek revenge. Isn’t that the case? It’s very subtle …

Not to worry. Being precise, we can alleviate and lighten this burden immediately – which is the short cut! (alleviate: from late Latin alleviat -‘lightened’ – isn’t the precise meaning of words so magical and enlightening! Truth is hidden within our own language.)

Whatever emotion is felt, look into it to fully experience it. The brighter the emotion, the more clearly it is seen. Note what it is doing, and how uncomfortable it feels, and realise that it is nothing to do with essence; it’s merely a performing parasite. Then look at what perceives this emotion. It is just being noted by essence itself. Look into this and realise that that is all there is. The essence of awareness. The essence of consciousness. The emotion was just a mind-manifestation from the past. It’s what the mind does – it holds ideas and feelings about some thing or some one.

Once we become familiar with pure consciousness then instantaneously, when emotions of wanting or not wanting arise, they are seen immediately and clearly. It’s the short cut! And it’s nothing to be exaggerated or modified: rather, we rest in the magical inspiration of life – clear space that allows anything to manifest.

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  1. tony says:

    If we hold onto a vague ideas about someone or something and cannot put it down, it is we that suffer.
    We need clarity in this hostile world of action and reactions, compounding blame after blame, without noticing we are being divided.

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