The Satisfaction Of Knowing How It All Works!

There are two laws in the universe – attraction and repulsion – that govern everything. Every thing!

This constant movement of attraction and repulsion is created by the lack of understanding of our true nature, which is pure consciousness energy at rest.

There are two powerful influences in the universe – good (showing kindness) and evil (up to no good) – with humans in the middle, confused, dithering, vacant and indecisive. That’s us!

Pure consciousness is the ultimate power in the universe that sees impure consciousness dividing its self. Impure consciousness – the relative power in the universe – sees to it that pure consciousness becomes impure.

Good is selflessness; the wisdom of fearless courage (Old French ‘corage’, from Latin cor ‘heart’)

Evil is selfishness; the fearful ignorance caught up in the mind’s activities without knowing empty essence of a brave heart.

Obviously, this is written from a Buddhist perspective, but you can interpret as you may. This is the age-old battle field between good and evil, and how good can become evil. The ‘field’ is the mind.

We must not misunderstand or exaggerate good and evil, as that will put us into the realms of fantasy – and, using reason, we want nothing to do with fantasies. However, being unsure, we remain indecisive and unclear.

Although poetry may hold the essence of truth, we need to be practical. Poetry – although sounding beautiful and enigmatic – could possibly become a beguiling riddle, lacking direct instruction. This can produce the opposite effect of bewilderment, and so we switch off. It can turn us aside and we become fallen angels. A fallen angel is one who forgot how it all works, and became a dissatisfied and insecure troll!

Trolling: a deliberately offensive or provocative, selfish act with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.
This is mara activity – demon activity – devil worship!

Evil feeds off others’ reactions. If we observe internet trolls at work, we can clearly see how evil works. Evil hates wisdom and contentment. It tries to divide and gets excited by bringing people down to its level. It likes wars and hates peace. The more the suffering, the more it feeds, and gains control.

A troll is just an individual, but now we can see how certain human groups work in order to gain control! Once we understand how everything works and how simple this is, then we will no longer be confused or suffer, because we realise that it all takes place in the field of our mind … and herein lies a serious problem: righteousness.

Righteousness: the quality of being morally right or justified: “We had little doubt about the righteousness of our cause” -“Conviction of one’s own moral righteousness gives the orator an irresistible power.”

We may be right, but lack the understanding of true compassion born of pure consciousness. Thus we are vulnerable to attack from our own mind. We fall into self-centred darkness. This is how evil works.

The real power is the recognition of evil activity which generates compassion, thereby neutralising evil. Empty essence remains unaffected: that is the real power.

Knowing how trolls work,
may we thank them for our understanding.

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