Enlightenment Is Remembering Never To Forget
Simple, but not easy.

A Buddha never ever forgets what they are, which is pure conscious awareness that has completely purified all effects of karma/attitude. It is not a matter of remembering the moment now: it is resting in the timeless now that never ends, because of the realisation that pure conscious awareness has no beginning.

So we have some work to do – remembering not to forget.

Realising our enlightened nature isn’t a part-time occupation. We cannot say, “Oh, I’m enlightened – my third eye is open” and then just carry on as ‘normal’: we have to arrange life so that we do not forget – ever. This is not easy.

It means relaxing and simplifying, walking around in a world of spiritual inspiration, rather than the hellish, mundane world we are in now. Remembering is not at all difficult, but we just keep forgetting! If asked, “Are you aware?”, we suddenly become aware. Simple. Then we close down again, and forget that we are aware. This is why it’s not so easy.

‘Remembering’ means being spiritually inspired through understanding and proven experience. To remember all the time (which isn’t easy) we need to know the difference between reality and seeming reality. At the moment, we are caught in a web of uncertainty as we are so used to going shopping, doing deals or watching a screen. We need to wake up in order to realise what is important – and then make the changes required without upsetting others (which isn’t easy!).

It’s being happy with whatever happens. This doesn’t mean we are happy about whatever happens. We simply remain in joy and good humour, because we don’t particularly want to be dragged back into a hellish, mundane existence. So we go shopping, do deals, watch a screen – while remembering that we can take a moment or two just to pause and reflect. The more we ‘practise’, the more we remember and don’t forget: the word ‘practise’ means remembering.

As we get older, we forget names,
but we are always aware
that we have forgotten!

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