Realisation Is Liberation
to a certain degree or level

As there are many levels of realisation, so too, there are many levels of liberation.

Those levels are levels of stability. We may have realised the truth – that our true nature is one of pure consciousness as opposed to impure consciousness – but we forget this from time to time, and so we’re not stable in our experience. When we reach the stability of ‘no return’ – a level we cannot fall below, which is free of gossip and idle talk – we are then in control of our mind and our reactions.

Liberation is freedom from distraction, and has many levels. To say that we are realised and liberated and that’s it, is not strictly true; it is only true at that level.

‘Self realisation’ is realisation that is self-aware rather than aware of itself: it is a term that contains great subtleties. There is the realisation that we have acquired an image of ourself. There is the realisation that the self is really pure consciousness and beyond ordinary consciousness. There is the realisation that is self-realised: the capability of achieving equilibrium or equality of its elements by processes inherent within itself.

It is a matter of purification. The less I do, the more that’s seen.

As a beginner, the shopping mall is the last place we want to go; it’s a scary place with lots of scary people carrying scary plastic bags. Tibetans fear ghosts in the graveyards. For others, spiritual centres can have the same effect 😀 ! Once we gain confidence, stability and a sense of humour, we can go to the shopping mall, graveyard, spiritual centre … it makes no difference, as it’s all a playground, an amusement park to test our ability to remain stable, in equilibrium.

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