There Are A Lot Of Gurus Out There
There are therefore a lot of methods

Do we choose a teacher, or does a teacher choose us? If whatever happens is due to karma, then everything is timely and synchronistic, and so we have to go with it. As like attracts like – and if we are fortunate – we gravitate towards that which concurs with our own leaning, our temperament. Gradually, we find our natural inclination and so, our natural method, and our natural teacher!

With the right knowledge, life is our teacher, and that brings us back to karma. Karma is our teacher. The right knowledge exposes wisdom, which is uncontaminated consciousness. Now, anything that arises – both the situation and our reactions – are clearly seen within pure consciousness. Another term would be ‘pure conscience’ – the inner knowledge of knowing what is beneficial and what is not, spiritually speaking.

Relating to an outer teacher is important from time to time so that we do not wander off, thus becoming half hearted (or worse still, using this knowledge to make money and fame). There are a lot of gurus out there!

The right guru/teacher is one who makes it possible for us to recognise, achieve and trust in our own supreme qualities, which are a reflection of the unfailing, sacred, wisdom teachings handed down through millennia.

We are all potential homo sapiens – wise humans – but most of us are still only halfway down the tree of knowledge – we are humans with monkey minds! We are the missing link! πŸ˜€

It’s not easy finding the right path with the right teacher at the right time. For that, we need the right merit.

Our path is available, waiting for us to transform.
Our path is our own confusion – it’s personal! πŸ˜€

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