People Are Difficult To Talk To

As there are many levels of perception, so too, there are many levels of ignorance. When there is a shift from pure perception to conventional perception, a degree of bias is produced.

On a conventional level, we have to make moment-to-moment judgments, but if we fixate on these judgements and cling to them, we set up a pattern of predestined suffering.

As people, we create a persona, a mask, that is we carry around either to protect us, or to initiate some sort of recognition.

This persona is a ‘social I’. A ‘social I’ is a reflection of subtle information about ourself that we are picking up from others ­- and we do the same for them – which gives us a sense of either importance or worthlessness. This ‘social I’ can reveal subtle levels of aggression, as whatever is said could be interpreted as a personal attack.

We don’t have to be at one, or in harmony with others all the time: we notice that we fall in and out of love. It’s just a matter of being aware that this is taking place. If we aren’t aware of this (even though it’s glaringly obvious), communication is not only difficult, it’s impossible!

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