Free Speech

Free speech comes with the responsibility of not causing harm, or deceiving. Any subtle move to ban free speech is nonsensical and dangerous, because it puts thoughts into hiding.

You cannot ban people thinking. You cannot ban beliefs. You cannot ban realisation. Love is expression!

The organisation of political correctness seems to want to curtail communication under the guise of avoiding offence ā€“ but the very act of talking conjures up concepts and reactions. This is normal.

Most speech is merely exaggeration: because people do not know their true nature, they just project ‘self’ importance. This is normal human behaviour. To an enlightened being, such talk is childish but, having compassion, it is also understandable as human beings have different levels of capacity.

Hate speech says more about the person speaking than whatever they are talking about. To an intelligent person, it is easy to see what’s occurring. If we take everything literally, then our minds will be full of conflicts.

Who is going to dictate what we should or should not say? We need thoughts to be brought out into the open for us to scrutinise them, and see whether they are true or not. We need intelligent debate. That is not going to happen however ā€“ never has and never will – because we are caught up in a conceptual world.

We have to be aware that there are those who choose to be deliberately offended, and who demand that we believe what they believe. This is bullying. We hear politicians talk. Do we believe them? We hear corporations making claims. Do we believe them? The mouth reveals everything we need to know!

Every time a mouth opens to speak, it induces limitations and dreams (incidentally, spiritual retreats are usually held in total silence: this can be hell for the thinking mind, but in absolute terms, it’s such a relief…).

In society, we need free speech, otherwise we become draconian. We also need free speech in spiritual centres ā€“ which, unfortunately, is something that is lacking.

But here is the rub: being realistic and honest, we can never have truly ‘free’ speech, can we? We have to be careful with everyone we meet, as all our understandings are different. Just mention pure consciousness and see them back off ! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

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