Seeing And The Seen Are Inseparable

This is the meaning of the two truths of our reality.
Ultimate and relative reality.
Pure consciousness and that of which pure consciousness is aware.
The real and the seemingly real.
That which is constant and that which is impermanent.

In just seeing – pure consciousness – there is neither concepts nor duality. Duality begins when consciousness forgets its pure state of emptiness, and comments on whatever is seen.

Of course, ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ is happening all the time: in one moment, we are empty essence (pure consciousness) and in the next, we are totally caught up (impure consciousness). Spiritual practice is just being aware that this is taking place. No one is saying, “Hold your breath and stay in purity”; just be aware and recognise our own obstacles of doubt, worries etc. That recognition is perfect purity itself, being awareness, being consciousness. The main point is not to feel guilty about occurrences in the mind because they are merely programmes from the past.

These doubts and worries are our illusion, but we have to be aware of collecting others’ illusions as well. Being detached is de-hypnotising ourselves, avoiding being caught up in others’ history or geography. How many times have we taken part in something that wasn’t of our own making? And probably assuming that this is reality – and that have to stay in that illusory reality?

Spiritual traditions are like this: they are only a guide, a map. When we know the direction in which we are going – which is the here and now – the map will not experience all the obstacles for us. We do that at every step we take.

When we are confident of our direction – direct experience – we can put the map down and watch our steps. Seeing and the seen are inseparable.

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