We Desperately Need To Tune Into Our Consciousness…

In the world in which we live, we are constantly being de-tuned. This reduces our performance and efficiency on a spiritual level, as all our efforts are focused on increasing our performance and efficiency on a conventional level. The result = exhaustion. We’ve turned away from our dynamic, peaceful, enlightened potential, and have become unconscious of the disturbances taking place in our minds. We are constantly being fed sickening fantasies; life has become devalued and cheap. People are being allowed to die – and being killed – to prove a Machiavellian two-faced point, which is merely to gain more control of our lives: situations deteriorate to implement a preplanned solution.

All ordinary people want is to live a peaceful life, and do their thing, but there are those who are opposed to people following their hearts. They hate unconditional love while arousing an exaggerated, sentimental conditional love with hand on heart, generating feelings of tenderness, sadness, or nostalgia in an self-indulgent way. These power-crazed demons want it all, and they want us to want more than we need. This is impure consciousness maintaining impure consciousness.

The way in which we perceive consciousness will dictate our view. One person may see something as normal, while another sees it as insanity. We are put out of tune every day; demons fear sanity, and love confusion. This disruption has to be maintained as it is so easy to be re-tuned to sanity because we have innate perfect pitch: we can use our ‘Get out of jail free’ card of just being aware of consciousness. Realising reality does not cost anything – just awareness.

Our understanding depends on the sort of path we choose to follow. The title of this article could have been, “Tune Into Consciousness” or “We Need To Tune Into Our Consciousness” but I chose the more urgent, “We Desperately Need To Tune Into Our Consciousness”. How much do we value the reality of consciousness? We start to realise that there are levels of alarms that ring out to us about what is taking place … code green, code orange, code red!!!

This blog has only one message – that we are pure consciousness: the words may be arranged differently in each article but it’s always the same sentiment. If you go to teachings, it will be the same essence, more or less. There may be exotic practices involving chanting and recitation which are goal-orientated, and were devised for the type of person who is sleepy. These are more to do with the old world, but in the modern world, as we are more alert, our path should be oriented towards direct liberation.

To date, I have written 1984 articles, which happens to be the same number as George Orwell’s book entitled “1984”. His theme, ‘control by fear’ is just as applicable today as then. We have been got at!

Whatever is going on to delude us, we can still maintain pure consciousness by being in tune with our true reality. The more we recognise the effect of fear and hope, the more the realisation that these emotions are a fantasy. It’s obvious when you look!

The Buddha’s first noble truth is the recognition that we are suffering. In fact, we should return to this constantly, as the recognition of suffering refines. It’s all about having a bloody good look :D!

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  1. crestedduck says:

    1984 posts…congrats…It’s perfectly fine to feel pride and be proud of the effort and self sacrificing it took to achieve this accomplishment !

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