In Pure Consciousness, There is No Mystery

In pure consciousness, there is no mystery:
It is as clear as … just seeing!

Spirituality is the psychology of mind-essence.
In pure consciousness, we are all connected
to every spiritual tradition that has ever been.

A mystic is merely an person initiated into pure consciousness.
We are all sleeping mystics as we are all pure consciousness,
so there is no mystery.

It is only a mystery to a thinking mind
that is cluttered with worldly affairs and contrivances.

A mystic is one who realises the nature of consciousness,
whereas the ordinary mind is unaware of the nature of consciousness.

Maintaining that it’s a mystery beguiles the vulnerable.
If someone calls the reality of pure consciousness ‘a mystery’,
it is they who are mystified.

Mystery: something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.

Consciousness: being aware. It is not difficult or impossible to understand or explain, as all creatures are conscious, but unaware of this.

Here is what needs to be pointed out:

When consciousness looks into consciousness, it finds nothing but consciousness, which is empty of worldly affairs and contrivances.

Not finding anything but consciousness, consciousness suddenly realises that its own nature is pure consciousness.

Ergo, we arepure consciousness.

One day, every duck will reach the same conclusion! If, however, that duck is told to only believe and have faith in the great Duck in the sky, it will remain mystified and unworthy, and will suffer; it will never realise that its true nature is the same as ours. Until it arrives at this realisation, it will continue to fall for the quackery! 😀

Mysteries separate us.
Truth does not.

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