Can we liberate our thoughts?
Can we stop being controlled by thoughts?
Can we stop our habitual tendencies?
Can we stop being ‘us’?

But it’s not so easy to stay liberated 🙂
This is because we identify
with the karmic build up in our brain.

First, we separate thoughts from consciousness.
Then we see that they are, in fact, a unity,
because it is by virtue of consciousness that thoughts are seen.
Now, when a thought arises,
it is seen immediately
as the presence of consciousness.

Upon recognition, thoughts are liberated spontaneously.
We just need to get out of the old habit
and become familiar with this new process of realisation.

In Tibetan, this is called Trekcho:
liberation upon arising.
Thoughts are inseparable from Dharmakaya/emptiness.

It’s nothing fancy.
We are free in the moment of seeing.

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