It’s All We Know – So We Think

We live in a collective consciousness, wound up like clockwork toys. It’s all we know. We don’t actually think; we repeat. If something comes along outside our repetitious life, either it doesn’t register or we get angry. Conscious life only starts when we find the box too restrictive and start to think outside its limitations because we recognise futile diligence.

Repeating and calculating our way through life isn’t thinking. It is attachment to pre-existing thoughts already in circulation. Actualthinking is observing, analysing, experiencing, questioning and realising that outside the box is space – gloriously empty space of all possibilities.

We evolve from the darkness of mindless repetition into the clear light of infinite possibilities. Purifying consciousness into bliss is a personal realisation. Some then choose to return to the box to help create an escape route!

When we know,
we do not have to think.
We can breathe freely.

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