Never Believe The Truth

Belief has been our greatest deception.
Belief is the opposite to knowing.
Belief obscures knowing.

To ‘believe’ is to accept that something is true without proof. If we believe the truth, then we will never know the truth. To knowis to be aware, through observation and recognition. How can we believe anyone who believes? This make-believe reality has kept us in darkness for a very long time. What a farce!

This is exactly why the Buddha said, “Do not take my word for it; test it for yourself.” When someone claims, “I am”, or “It is emptiness”, or “I believe in God”, these are merely words that do not convey realisation. These words have become an obstacle to self realisation and enlightenment.

Much of this deception is to do with how something is explained, and who explains it. Can what they say be proven, or is it just a set of beliefs they have been told? We should look beyond the charisma and title.

So what is the truth that is indisputable, and in which no one has to believe?

Before we can investigate the truth, we have to realise what is doing the investigation. First things first!

We all have awareness-consciousness-perception, for without these conventional faculties, we would not survive. But that is not what we are: we have them, and these conventional faculties are biased because they are attached to memories.

To see clearly, we first have to purify our awareness-consciousness-perception. This is done through meditation, where we finally realise that when awareness-consciousness-perception looks into itself, nothing is found. We discover that it is empty, and it has always been so.

We do not have to believe this as we arefree in the moment of seeing. We have been the truth we seek all along. In that moment of this realisation, there is no ‘Emptiness’ and no ‘God’ , but just pure consciousness.

Once we are free, we can drop others’ dogma, and deal with life with our own genius – that attendant spirit present from birth, with innate abilities and inclinations.

In other words, our natural ability to love.
If we don’t know this, then what do we know?

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