Be Original; Don’t Be Angry

Don’t become the anger;
become the wisdom.

Anger, in the very first instant, is mirror like-wisdom, when consciousness sees something amiss, not quite right, inappropriate or out of place. Anger is energy – precious energy – that is telling us something important. It’s not to be wasted on mere emotional reactions.

Natural wisdom comes from pure consciousness which has three qualities: emptiness, clarity and unlimited compassionate power. These three qualities are known as the three Kayas: Dhamakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmankaya in Sanskrit. These are inseparable; they are all-at-once.

There is a time and place for bliss, and a time and place for anger; these two are also inseparable. It’s such a relief and inspiration when something amiss is noted.

Is the world out of control?
Certainly not.
Chaos is created and maintained to gain power.
So what do we do about that?

When the Buddha left his father’s palace of luxury, he realised that people suffered and were miserable, and he wanted to do something about that. What did he do? He meditated and achieved the realisation of the three Kayas, which allowed him to manifest the teachings as a healing process – which still works to this day. We have this process today due to unbroken lineage transmissions throughout the centuries.

Through the clarity of emptiness, we can manifest generosity, patience, discipline, morality, concentration and wisdom/the realisation of our true nature. Apart from resting in pure awareness, we can meditate to energise in order to meet the needs of others.

That’s how we become original.

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