Order Out Of Chaos”


Everything is created by causes and conditions; everything follows an order. Nothing just suddenly happens. If we are unwilling to look at both the causes of world events and what goes on in our own minds, we will only see coincidental, chaotic cock ups. If chaos has been created, then it must follow a sequence. If this sequence is not seen clearly, we will not notice the order of events, and so we remain in chaos.
This is the age of chaos, after all 🙂

There are two ways of looking at the motto, “Order out of chaos”:
Order out of chaos could mean creating an order of events that brings about chaos in order to manipulate further events.
Order out of chaos could mean clarity out of chaos: the realisation that comes from recognising the cause of chaos.

Is there an order for recognition?
We start with meditation, to clear the mind of chaos.

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3 Responses to “ORDER OUT OF CHAOS”

  1. Ben Naga says:

    A (or rather *the*) bucket list item worth following up on. 🙂

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