Humanity Suffers Because It Believes In Something

We suffer because we believe in something.

The essential nature of mind is perfect, crystal clear cognisance. It’s what we are, but it remains unnoticed as we are usually occupied with ‘self’ and so we ignore this reality. This self knowing awareness is our absolute nature that, when realised, sets us free from the layers of belief inherent in ideas.

These acquired beliefs become our reference point, something to which we refer for security. This, however, is a false security that actually causes us to feel insecure and vulnerable, and perhaps hostile to other’s views. We have implants in our mind, which are ideas that programme our responses. For thousands of years, humanity has been programmed to believe, rather than know. The knowing is knowledge of our true reality, whereas belief is the acceptance of ideas that keep us in an imaginary reality. The word ‘knowing’ comes from the Greek ‘gnostic’,relating to esoteric mystical knowledge.

The idea of a self and what this relates to is a manifestation of propaganda, in that we consent to whatever we are told. We are led to believe that everything is real and permanent, and that there is either a creator or we are the creators.

Our beliefs are whatever we refer to. Whatever we refer to is our reference point. This creates a duality of consciousness and that which consciousness is conscious of. It’s all we know – or so we think.

Belief leads to imagination. Knowledge leads to wisdom. Wisdom is the realisation of our enlightened state. Our enlightened state is perfect, crystal clear cognisance. Our path is recognising that we still believe in something. Our practice is being honest.

To be a creator, we have to have a desire.
Perfect, crystal clear cognisance does not desire
as it is original primordial awareness.

So who is this creator?
Creation distracts reality.

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