Truth Is The Opposite To Ideas About Truth

Truth is common to all.
Ideas divide us.

It doesn’t matter what we think truth is, we all have one factor in common: truth!
We are all conscious, and that consciousness is the path to realising our ultimate awakening of pure consciousness.

When consciousness relates to ideas, consciousness becomes contaminated and impure, and gives rise to suffering. Instead of thoughts, they become mythoughts. Relatingto ideas about truth is not truth: that becomes our prejudice whereby we divide and manifest hostility to others’ views, whereas the truth is our common experience of pure consciousness that has no prejudice. We see someone stumble and we want to help … but then, ideas get in the way!

When these ‘ideas’ become the orthodox view accepted by the many, then anything contrary to that is considered to be wrong view. The common experience of truth – pure consciousness – has now become an irritant, as it is guilty of being original. Crazy world 😉

Throughout history, humanity has sought truth, but ideas have been placed in humanity’s consciousness to distract it from the realisation that it has always been free of ideas and beliefs. We have unconsciously become attached to or repulsed by these ideas. When these ideas are strong, they are the foundation of religious fervour in its broadest sense, and this isolates us from each other. We lose our commonality of pure consciousness, and so we lose the truth.

Although we have a commonality of pure consciousness, the way in which we express this is unique. That uniqueness should inspire us rather than divide us.

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