Good Meditation, Bad Meditation; Identical

The mind is a jungle of concepts: whether there are clearings or tightly tangled undergrowth, this jungle simply abides in space. In meditation, whatever takes place in the mind, know that awareness, empty cognisance, pure consciousness, space is ever present. We can become so engrossed in the contents of the mind – both pleasant and unpleasant – that we lose insight into the obvious by becoming so involved in the details that we do not pay attention to the most important part, which is consciousness itself.

In understanding this, we do not have to try so hard, but merely be aware of whatever arises. The danger of misunderstanding meditation could result in us giving up, or being lulled into sweetness and light … headedness. 😀

The real practice of meditation is notpractising meditation, but merely resting in awareness, anywhere, anytime. Meditation is the method to arrive at non-meditation, where there is merely a clear view of whatever appears. In that way, we realise that following thoughts is futile because that entangles us again.

An indication of our progress is our ability to have empathetic compassion. It is not about how good we are at meditation, or how still we can be: it is in our conduct. Has it become less self-serving? We can meditate to a very high standard and yet miss the point, by becoming so entangled in our personal understanding of emptiness that we withdraw empathy and true compassion. It happens.

Realisation is our perfect space of being,
inspired by obstacles that do not exist.

No obstacles, no path, know realisation.

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