Methods and Awakening

There are two approaches to the realisation of our essential nature: we can either approach it through mindful methods, or realise that we are already awake – and if we forget that we are already awake, we then use mindfulness to remember. When we realise that we are awake, we cling neither to mindfulness nor meditative vacancy.

We can spend our whole life engaged upon methods, and never realise that we are already awake. Conversely, we can spend our whole life thinking that we are awake while we’re actually in a vacancy, just going through our routine.

Simply experiencing being occupied or vacant isthe moment of realisation. We wake up! We had been caught and held, and now we are not. This realisation enlightens the darkness. It is because of the light that the darkness is known. It is because of recognising the darkness that the light is known.

It’s a win-win situation.
Recognising the enlightened state is beyond thought.

We miss the mark through doubt and lack of confidence,
and thus cling to the security of method.

We may find that we spend more time on method
than being awake.

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