Misdirecting Consciousness
Now we see, now we don’t.

Now we see … consciousness simply sees, never changing and never commenting.

Now we don’t … because consciousness became involvedwith whatever is seen, it lost sight of itself and took on a human form. It then began commenting on whatever is seen, and when consciousness gets involved, it gets chatty 😀

Consciousness is present in all our thoughts and actions. In fact, consciousness is right on the tip of whatever we are doing or saying – and it is awareness of this that can make every moment conscious. When consciousness clings to a thought, it distracts itself and becomes misdirected.

Consciousness goes where it is focused. It is this very faculty that can lead consciousness to enlightenment and the realisation of its true nature and that of all phenomena. We start by placing the attention on an object. In meditation, we usually focus on the breath, in the practice of taming the mind and stopping it from wandering: this is consciousness directing itself. In being aware of the breath, we notice that we are being aware. That is being conscious.

When consciousness is directed to look into itself, it finds nothing … but pure consciousness, which is empty of contaminating comments and chatter. We have found what we have been looking for – our true essence. Now we see it. But we have to remember, lest we forget. This is what spiritual practice is all about.

We are now no longer misdirected by others.
Misdirection is what magicians do to deceive us with illusions.
We meditate to become dis-illusioned! 😀

Now we see it but, through habit, we ignore – and so we lose sight of it, even though it’s always present.

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