The Simple Way To Deal With Confusion

We deal with confusion by
simply being aware of that which is aware of the confusion.

That which is aware is pure consciousness,
and this has never been confused.

“But I’m still confused!”
The conventional world of our mind will always be confusing
because it keeps making things up!

That is why the Buddha said,
“Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself.”
He meant practise and see.

But Practise What?

Practice isn’t rituals, chanting, visualisations, memorisation of text …
These are merely a support.

Practice is compassionate, non-dual realisation of emptiness.
In simpler words – empathic wisdom.

When the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it”,
he meant we find our own words.
Don’t all traditions use words in their own way?

We can adopt words and phrases,
but we have to apply them with empathetic wisdom
that comes from our heart.

Through experience, the meaning of words changes.
Words are not the reality;
the reality is pure experience.

To the right person, at the right time and in the right place,
they get what you mean.

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