Feeling Superior Or Inferior

There are those whom we think are superior; we will one day realise what they realise.
There are those whom we think are inferior; they will one day realise what we realise.

It is only a matter of time, and effortless effort. Through meditation, we become aware of awareness which, when investigated, is realised as pure awareness. This is why compassion is so important, as it means we understand our obstacles to enlightenment. In this way, pride and jealousy become wisdoms:

Pride is the wisdom of equality; we all have the same potential.
Jealousy is all-accomplishing wisdom; that quality which is recognised in another is within us already.

In the same way, the other negative emotions are also transformed into wisdoms:

Anger is mirror-like wisdom; it sees an imbalance, without judgement.
Desire is wisdom of discernment; precise clarity identifies whatever is beneficial or harmful.
Ignorance is a vacancy of not knowing; when analysed, this becomes the wisdom of spacious knowingness.

We are all wise beyond compare, as long as we drop attachment to our obsession with what we think we are.

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