We Can’t Just ‘Get it’

We can’t just ‘get it’: we have to keep on ‘getting it’. It is through genuine experience that we understand and realise our true nature, and that of every one and every thing. To keep on ‘getting it’, we traverse the deeper levels of ‘getting it’. In this way, we can empathise, and be of benefit to others.

Keeping on ‘getting it’ also means that we drop the subtler levels of delusions that we have held onto. We ‘get it’ by dropping the ‘lot’. At its deepest level, pure consciousness is extremely subtle; it’s beyond words and concepts. It is perfect stillness and clarity. It is emptiness itself.

‘Getting it’ also means getting inspirations, as emptiness is totally receptive. We’re talking about the ancient line of transmissions on emptiness handed down through timeless compassion.

If we give ‘it’ a name, that only causes conflict. Transmission is conveyed in the silence of a smile; we can all see that. The deeper we go in this silence, the deeper the connections. All appearances in the mind are inseparable from pure consciousness, and this is what meditation is all about. In this way, appearances and pure consciousness are inseparable.

‘It’ is the indestructible realisation of pure consciousness. We are here to ‘get it’. When we ‘get it’, we know it, and we pass it on, and let go. This is why life is so precious.

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