The More We Become Involved

The more we become involved in a material world,
the more we become involved in the mental world,
and the more we will become captivated.

The more we talk about what we’ve done or think, or what we have been captivated by,
the more we create our own unhappiness
as we fixate on whatever we say and think.

To undo this captivation and see clearly, we merely have to listen. We listen to whatever we are saying and thinking, and we do the same for others. That is allwe have to do: be aware and be conscious.

We will gradually find that this listening is pure listening, pure consciousness. It is that which puts everything right. How? It creates a natural space of kindness.

The more we control our subtle energy,
the more we are able to focus,
and the more effective we become.

This is why we meditate – to see clearly. Getting out of the ‘human race’ to nowhereis such a relief,

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