Treating The Symptoms And Not The Cause

If we use ‘treats’ as a treatment to make us feel better, rather than dealing with the cause of the symptom and thereby bring an end it, we will merely go round in circles. Our spiritual path to enlightenment is eliminating our confusion rather than acquiring the confusion of others: it is definitely not about joining an organisation and conforming to others’ standards.

No one – not even a Buddha – can heal our discomforts. We have to look at our own unhappiness honestly, rather than covering it up with platitudes.

The moment pure consciousness just sees is the moment of liberation. In that moment of just seeing, there is no ‘me’ involved. The self is put to one side – and then we realise that the problem was ‘me’ all along! 🙂

There is no guilt in just seeing. Pure consciousness does not judge; it merely notes. If we note that we are exaggerating our righteousness, for example, this noting is not a sin. It is merely non-conceptual perception, whereas fixation on others’ exaggerated righteousness would sentence us to more ‘treatment’, more judgement and more justification.

The real treat is realisation.

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