The Planet Of The Mind Snatchers
We go to sleep, and become one of ‘them’!

We really do have to keep asking the question, “What is life about?” throughout our entire journey. Is it about being part of something? Or is it about being whole, being complete? We are under constant assault by nonsense that we then argue about. Our minds are being snatched away from natural clarity, and into a dull state, being occupied by alien ideas.

Alien: Latin alienus -‘belonging to another’.

This is why we meditate – to clear our minds by focusing on emptiness. The shock of realising what is happening to us wakes us up, and we stay awake as long as we continue to ask what life is about. Realisation is the path to enlightenment. We don’t belong to anything. In pure consciousness there is no duality. The light is on the path; this light is in the form of indicators, and we merely have to look and see.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We can see that there has been an assault on our bodies, including our brains.

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