Give Up The Dharma To Realise The Dharma

We will never realise the Dharma by listening or reading about the Dharma. “But I want the original, authentic teaching!” This is why the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself”. We are the original, authentic teaching: when we hear the teaching, we re-cognise, and it is this recognition that gives authority to the origin of the teaching.

We, as town yogis, live within a confused society. It is our relationship with and our reaction to this society that is our true teacher. Those reactions are our karma, our confusion, and these are the indicators on our path to attaining spiritual insight. That’s enlightenment. That’s it!

The purpose of this blog – which is freely available – is to enable people to see that the esoteric side of the Dharma, the Vedanta, Christianity, Judaism, Gnosticism, Agnosticism, Reasoning … is all about non-duality. The inseparability of experience and realisation.

Religions – the exoteric side of the original teaching – are beliefs.

Test it for yourself.
Esoteric is knowingness.

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