What Is Pure Consciousness?

The one absolute truth about pure consciousness is that it is already pure; we do not have to make it pure. Without knowing this, we remain imprisoned in falsehoods, dullness and guilt. It is the fact that we don’t recognise or acknowledge this consciousness that keeps us from realising our true reality. We will forever think that we are unworthy, when the truth is that we are perfect beings caught in a web of inaccuracies. Tremendous efforts are taken to distract us in this world, which creates mental instabilities for which pills are produced on an industrial level. Depression is a modern creation.

World Health Organisation: “Depression is a common illness worldwide, with more than 300 million people affected. It can cause suffering and we function poorly at work, at school and in the family. At its worst, depression can lead to suicide. Close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year.”

And this is only those whom the WHO has acknowledged: many of us just continue with life, thinking that this is normal.

Because of the subtle distractions in a confused world, our investigations into our true reality have to be more accurate. There are stages in these investigations: we first identify that we are consciousness of something – phenomena, thoughts, emotions and fixations.

Using this ability to be conscious of something, we deliberately focus our attention on an object, such as the breath. This is called mindfulness meditation, when we cut out the mental clutter and just watch our breath and relax.

Then we become aware that awareness or consciousness is present. This is known as awareness meditation, where we become aware of awareness.

Finally, while being aware of awareness – or conscious of consciousness – we realise that there is nothing other than consciousness. Simply resting there, realisation takes place that we are this consciousness and, when nothing other is interrupting this consciousness, that is pure consciousness. We do not actually have to do anything, but be aware and realise.

This is nothing highfalutin, grandiose or ornate. It is, in fact, ordinary. We only think it’s ‘special’ because of exotic stories created by religions, but these are merely compounded beliefs. Ornamentation may attract people initially, but therein lies the central problem, because we become addicted to belonging. That is self-perpetuating duality with no chance of freedom. We bind ourselves.

If I were a teacher (which I’m not), once a student had ‘got it’, I’d say go away and live life with all that it brings. That which is beneficial will be realised naturally, and that which is unnecessary will drop away naturally. I speak from experience. Life may not be a bed of roses, but there’s manure for cultivation.

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